Automation Services

Smart Parking

"Smart Parking" is a highly customizable solution for all your parking problems. Our unique designs and technology with a combination of mechanical devices, robotics, and advanced automation capabilities can be implemented in a variety of ways, shapes and sizes.

Smart Parking addresses the concerns of landowners (by maximizing the use of space), of builders (by minimizing cost of construction), of business managers (by minimizing operating costs) and of drivers (by offering greater security and ease of use). Using designs developed and improved by our well experienced team we are able to provide the most space saving and effective parking solutions which are simple to implement and operate.

We can design the system to accommodate automobiles of any dimensions and weight and to handle any number of automobiles simultaneously. We can park 109 cars in 2400 sq. ft. of land, the entire system is made of steel and civil construction only required for foundation. Upto 50 cars our systems are portable and can be easily assembled and dismantled as per the customer needs. Download Brochure. For more information visit