Introduction - AirBnB Of Parking Spaces

We are first generation social entrepreneurs who are motivated to create innovations with social impact and also add value to humanity by our solutions.

COVID-19 has taught humans not to be reckless with environment and also to be humble and grateful to each other. Post Covid, we may witness the rise for personal vehicles as people have already started avoiding shared vehicles, this will definitely lead to create more air pollution, consumption of time between destinations, increased traffic jams, driver frustration and more fuel consumption.

At the same time we see a lot of job loss in the market and families are struggling to keep up their expenses due to lack of regular income. The job market may take over two years time to come back to where we had left in February 2020.

Considering all the above problems, we have developed a real simple and easy to use application, which is available on Android & iOS platforms to book your parking spaces online in various parts of city and provide self employment opportunities to millions.

Our App will help the car owners to find the parking spaces online; they can book the parking space before leaving their home or office. This will save them time and reduce the carbon footprint because now they do not have to hover to find a parking spot.

Our App is going to empower millions of Indian families to earn 5000 INR - 22,000 INR a month. They need not have to invest any money to start this new business. What they need to do is simply register their parking space in the residential or commercial area which they own. This will change dynamics for millions of Indian and their families. Our solution is also best suitable for municipal corporations and roadside pay and park.